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3G Failover

Redundancy, operational efficiency and 100% uptime

Due to the nature of in ground telecommunications cables in Australia (ageing copper network) services may sometimes experience outages. IT Easy offers 3G redundancy solutions for MPLS network tails and straight internet connections to the business market. It offers a simple automated failover solution to a customer’s primary service using the 3G network and a Cisco device.

Why choose 3G redundancy?

The 3G network offers seamless cost effective redundancy with speeds up to 7.2Mb download and 3Mb upload. IP addressing at the site is maintained across both the primary and redundancy access. 3G is a physically diverse path to the primary access which uses a terrestrial path.

Fully managed router

Failover is managed automatically by the IT Easy fully managed Cisco router. IT Easy look after
the ongoing management, hardware replacement and configurations of the Cisco device.
During an outage the customer will receive an SMS and email notification that failover onto 3G
has occurred.

Service level agreement (SLA)

High SLA on service availability & restoration

Coverage and availability

3G failover is powered by the Optus 3G network. Optus covers 97% of the Australian population.

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How important is your internet link?

Would you like the security of automated failover to 3G?